weekend update!

Another beautiful weekend here in CT and we were lucky to share much of it with our good friends P&K from CA and their children. They celebrated HALLOWEEN with us Friday night and had a sports-filled weekend. We kicked it off with a nail-biting soccer match for my 6 year old and they WON (though we are NOT keeping score). We then went to a YALE game where we watched the children of a friend play some great defense against Columbia. It was a very festive atmosphere hanging with the parents of these players and now all three of my kids want to go to YALE! We hurried home for a playoff football GAME for my 9 year old. It was another nail-bitter but with some great plays and excellent blocking they won! We capped off the day with dinner at our favorite local restaurant the Schoolhouse at Cannondale. Check out their blog: http://schoolhouserestaurant.wordpress.com/. Chef TIM is cooking up some yummy things-I thought the LOBSTER Risotto was out of this world! While this is a busy month, I am looking forward to all the creativity that will flow with the holidays. I also look forward to family, friends, cooking and relaxing over Thanksgiving! It's going to be a great month. xo shawn

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