What a beautiful, relaxed, metropolitan, artistic city! The wine was delicious and priced right, the meals inventive and tasty. There are endless possiblities in the terriffic city and beyond!! We had a fantastic time visiting the wineries in the Pendes region. Such beautiful people!


I'm back. No, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet-just deep in the end of year activities, sports, life, kids.........only two more days of school left and I will let out a big, huge, loud SIGH of relief! This spring seemed especially brutal with baseball/softball schedules for the kids. Throw in a trip to DC, Barcelona Spain, and Charleston, and a big birthday for hubby and we are TIRED!

The half-caf coffee thing is working out well. I finally got over the headache and sleepiness!!

We continue to make wine, receiving our first real grapes in April from Chile. We now have chilean malbec, cab, and syrah. We have our cab/zin blend chilling out in the american oak barrel. This has been quite an adventure! We are anxiously awaiting our first "blend" that we will release to friends at the holidays. Next up, California cab in the fall!!!

Some really great things are cooking up at shawn. I will have some workshops in the fall, special photo ops for holiday cards and seniors beginning in Augst and you will be able to look for more retail opportunities to find shawns things!

For now, I am counting the days until I can sit in my jammies and drink coffee (half caf) and play clue or monopoly with the kids.