ahhh big sigh

The flurry of activity has slowed and now I can focus on what I love most, finding that perfect something that touches my friends and family in a meaningful way. I have already enjoyed connecting with clients, delivering to them holiday cards and photos all touched by hand in some way. It is this connection to creativity that keeps me at it all hours of the day and night. Yes, my upkeep has been lacking. I saw my friend and trainer, Bonnie today. Thank goodness she was available to kick my booty in gear!! Felt good to get active again. I am working toward balance. Need to book a hair appt.....feeling scary! And nails would be nice.....getting back into the balance and enjoying the journey at all points! I plan to get back to some photos and will share them as soon as I can. Next week I will begin uploading all my projects from this season so you can see what I was up to!