beautiful weekend!

Okay, after all that tedious work at the lake, the fruits of our labor have payed off. We had family friends up for the weekend and it was an absolute picture perfect time. We swam in the lake, fished, kayaked, ate delicious burgers, had a beautiful, roaring bonfire, made s'mores, played hearts, and above all, spent time together. This truly is what it is all about!!! I PROMISE to include pictures on the next post. It is such a special place. Hopefully we will get the "boat" to work and in the water before the summer ends! I use the term "boat" loosely because while yes, it is a boat, it is a 1978 speckly, silver boat (to go with the 1970's style home??) that my husband found on ebay and "won" ? the bid on it. He picked it up in upsate NY only to find it won't start. After a comedy of errors trying to get it on the lake and running we have concluded we must take it to a boat place to fix what my husband did trying to "fix" it himself! The boat was actually fine before he tried to "fix"it......................go figure! Anyway, we hope to be tubing and water skiing soon!!!

Summer is Here!

After two weeks of "official" summer, we are all still alive and loving every minute of it. We have been renovating our lake house, tearing out carpet and tile and putting in laminate floors and painting old 70's paneling. It is a labor of love but we are enjoy making our little place a fun summer paradise! Photos to follow! xo shawn