mid point of summer

Looking through my calendar, I realized it is really the midpoint to summer. We finally got some rain and it has given me a chance to get caught up around the studio. Baseball has been the number one priority around here with my oldest son taking the District championship and advancing to state sectionals. My younger son is busy with many games of summer baseball......all good! What else would I be doing with my summer anyway??? The heat had been unbearable, and now even though it is extremely muggy out there, I am relieved the plants in the garden have received a much-needed watering. Believe it or not, I am already thinking about the holidays and looking to what products can be offered in connection with my photography and design studios. Be on the lookout for samples of products as well as any offerings-they will be posted in the blog. The holidays book up, so if you are considering a shoot, please contact me to schedule a session!

more photos

Another one from my "girls" session. I took three friends to some locations for shots in their dinner dance dresses from 8th grade. It was an experience to have three good friends "hang out" while I photographed them. Lots of energy and lots of fun. The giggles and laughter kept me going for the rest of the week!

This big guy was a lot of fun to photograph. Though it was nearly 100* in the sun, we managed to beat the heat and get some shots. We talked a lot about coffee ice cream, the Yankees, and the color blue......love just being in the moment!