Today: cleaning studio 0-seeds planted 2!!

Okay, so I chose to go to the art store instead....more inspiring than cleaning the studio to tell the truth. What proved even more true is that your children learn to love what you love. Today I took my daughter who is 11 and my son who is 6 (my 8 year old son was at a friend's house) and what was supposed to be only 30 minutes in and out (my 6 year old did NOT want to go to that store!!!!) ended up being a two HOUR adventure. We looked at paints, we determined the best brands, looked at mixing charts, color wheels. We looked at watercolor pencils, at figures for drawing, we bought canvases, sketch books, we were so moved that we came home and doodled, painted and drew for two more HOURS! All I can say is "wow!!" My son that is 6 has never really liked "art" and now he did not even want to go to bed he was so into it. My daughter can't wait to get up tomorrow to paint....all this from a little seed planted today at the art store. So I guess it was well worth the "trip" to the art store...but alas, my studio is still crammed with the remants of our bathroom remodel and December's holiday card extravaganza! Maybe tomorrow.......................................I will post a pic of the little artists at work tomorrow. =) xo

This beautiful shot taken by Maryle Brauer of ishootphotography is simply stunning. Check out her link to the right. The photo with a beautiful sepia tone paired with sea-glass colored paper is a modern take on a holiday card. Simply elegant.

This holiday card was so fun to put together. The color of the chidlren's eyes matched beautifully to the paper. This shot taken by Christa Strick of Christa Strick Photography (see tab to check out her beautiful work!) Simply stunning!!

40th birthday invite

Here is a 40th birthday party invite I created for a client. These were FUN!

New Day

OK, so the TV won out last night. Sometimes it's good just to veg out to feel more refreshed the next day......the task of organizing the studio is a daunting one. I am not sure where to begin! I know I need to get to it so that I can get creative again!! I promise to snap some pics of things I'm working on. xo

Kids all gone!

The kids are gone tonight and what to do? Work on new products? Clean my studio? Watch any show on TV I want? Read my Ken Follet 1000 page novel???? The exciting thing is that there are so MANY choices...but yet, I feel strangely alone! Yesterday was the first day of the summer break and it was fantastic watching the kids come up with their hopes for the summer. We are in the process of buying a lake house and are so EXCITED to have a spot to create family memories. OK, enough blog surfing........I think I will choose to clean my studio....Laurie, Peggy and CMG will be proud =). xo Shawn
When I finally see the peonies, I know it is summer. I quickly snapped this picture before they began to fade. They are short-lived so I try to enjoy every moment. This year they were truly spectacular!