one more

You forget how quickly they move when little ones are this age! Miss "K" kept me on my toes. We made the most out of some stormy, windy weather. You'd never know it from these smiles!

out shooting today!!

Love this family. They were so fun and we actually got a work out walking the golf course in search of the "perfect" spot. Thank you "A" family.

Another beautiful Day

In New England that is drop dead gorgeous out right now....comfortable 70*. So much to be thankful for....I feel like I'm getting into the thankful season with fall in the air and with thanksgiving around the corner. I am particularly thankful to those of you who have donated to help raise almost $2,000.00 for breast cancer research and testing. Oct 10th and 11th are right around the corner and walking 40 miles will give me ample time to reflect on the things for which I am grateful. But today, right now, sitting in my back yard, with the leaves softly coming down, I am thankful for today.

purging old stuff

I have been feeling a little blocked lately, and I know it has something to do with old stuff piling up around me. I am finally making some headway into the piles of old junk, donating to our local Minks to Sinks, clothing and toys to charity. It feels so good to free up all that space both physically in the house, and mentally on my to do list!!! I hope this will pave the way for creativity. I sure feel like I have more room to breathe. xo


it's friday-and I'm so glad I can sleep in just a little tomorrow. Big walks scheduled for this weekend and thank goodness for GF's willing to get up early to keep me company. The walk is almost here. The fall weather is absolutely gorgeous. I live here through the winter and blistering heat/humidity just for the one week of fall and one week of spring that takes your breath away.

sore feet

finally put in some hours on the pavement today and yesterday. I am so THANKFUL to my GFs who met me at 6:15am (ok, I was late......6:34am) to walk. They helped to keep me company for 8 of my 12miles Sunday. Then today I met up with some more GFs and walked almost another 10 miles!!! That is the most I've done in a week, let alone two days. 26 more days to go.

jingle bells......

These two were great to work with. I can't wait to see what comes out of the fall snap shot sessions!

yes, things are getting into full swing here. taking bookings for fall snap shots, holiday this creative time of year. Here is one from last year's snap shot session.

never forget

Today marks the anniversary of 9/11. Still, after 8 years, the memories of that day are crystal clear. Today I thank the service men and women who are serving our country either here or abroad. What a tremendous gift they give us-the gift of freedom through their bravery. America: the land of the free because of the brave.

new addition

First, I was so excited to hear this couple was expecting and then I was so excited to be asked to do their birth announcement! Such a cutie. Mom and Dad supplied the photo. Thank you J & C.

Right now I'm gearing up for the holidays-so many beautiful papers. Get ready to see some new things!! Little peaks on their way.



A sense of serenity comes over me when I look at this shot. Love the way the clouds lined up for this one!


ahhh, the labor day weekend just another memory-but a wonderful one at that. It was a picture perfect weekend here in the northeast-cool nights warm days and endless blue skies with puffy white clouds. The lake was spectacular and nice way to say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. I finally got up on one water ski!!!! It has been over 15 years and while difficult, the sense of accomplishment was fantastic.

Now it's time to gear up for the holidays. I know this past year has been especially difficult on the finances and holiday cards may be a luxury. This year I have several options from which to choose-hoping to strike a balance between practical and elegant. I will have flat panel cards and some "special styles" where my vendors have offered some great pricing which I will pass on to you. A new way to print your photo and holiday message allows you to customize your card at a substantial savings! Anything I can do to help spread beauty into our every day lives!



Last year I offered some cool flat panel holiday cards to my photography clients. They were such a hit that this year I plan to include them in my fall holiday snap shot packages. Enjoy!

walk, walking and more walking

yes, it's true....I was somewhat of a slacker this summer. Too much time spent running from baseball to the lake.......too many fun times playing cards w/friends and kiddos......unfortunately I did not walk much. And the Avon Two-Day walk is coming five weeks to be I am walking and walking and walking to get my dawgs ready for 39 miles. Gulp. I know I can do it-but how will the feet handle it? Yikes!

Fundraising is going well, almost $1200 and need $1800 to qualify. It is such a worthwhile cause. Just today I was getting a "tune up" at the salon and was speaking to the aesthetician who found a lump in her breast, went to her doc who found two more and is now nervously in the waiting period to find out what will be next. She was so sweet.....we talked about the Avon Walk and, as I was checking out of the salon, she gave me a handful of money from the day's tips. It really moved me. I know what I am doing is small in comparison to what the brave women who have breast cancer do every day. At least I feel I am making a small contribution.