busy week

It was a hectic week. Preparations for the Fall Trunk Show including product creation and prep, kids regular routine, coming down with a cold and my daughter getting FOUR teeth out. All I can say is "phew"! It was really great to see many people who hadn't made it to a show before. The "NEWBIES" had fun looking over the goodies. $5 scrap packs, new bookmarks, recipe boxes, "framed" paper.......so much fun to share-and fun to hear about summer escapades. It was also very special to me that my sister in law from Massachusettes came all the down for the show. She is a really THOUGHTFUL person and it meant a lot to me to have her support. Today was another big day in our household. My 11 year old daughter had to have FOUR teeth out this morning. I was so proud of how BRAVE she was. She has been so sweet. She did not want to have it done yesterday because she did not want to miss SCHOOL! Can you imagine? She is an AMAZING girl. I am so glad it is Sat. night. Tomorrow is a big mani/pedi day with KG! It has been AGES!!!!! So looking forward to some down time. Things are gearing up for holiday cards. Already have several "PLANNERS" and have their projects in the works. Enjoy the weekend.

Check It Out!

I have been having so much fun in the studio!!! New products are are on their way for the Trunk Show. I can't tell you how great these new PAPERS are. Check out these clipboards:

And here are the new six pax of book marks. My daughter is dying for some! With SIX you can have one for every BOOK you are reading!!

I absolutely LOVE this line!!!

what a whirlwind-cake??

What a whirlwind weekend it has been. Our dog was in to have some cysts removed, and we found out she needed a TOOTH removed also. What trouper. She is an angel. She's resting fairly comfortably-as comfortable as possible with a cone on her head! Sports and more sports this weekend with an exciting soccer and FOOTBALL games for the boys. Both boys WON their games (phew!). We had a fabulous dinner with some good friends last night at my favorite local restaurant: the schoohouse at cannondale. Check it out: http://www.theschoolhouseatcannondale.com/ It was DELICIOUS! Tim, the chef/owner, is always passionate about what he does and the ambiance coupled with the food and the company-MAGNIFICENT!! The question was raised: "If you were a CAKE what kind of cake would you be?" Post your answers....I can't wait to hear! There was quite a conversation about various options! My favorite was a pancake....it is so versatile. I hope MS doesn't mind if I pimped his idea!! I am finalizing some HOLIDAY cards already and cannot wait to share this new style with you.....all I can say is WOW! You'll see them at the Holiday Card open house in October. Christa Strick photography in CA is shooting some beautiful things and can't wait to SEE all the other shots from this year! Check her out at: http://www.christastrickphotography.com/ As always, fall is full of creativity and I look forward to sharing it with you at my TRUNK SHOW on the 25th.
xo shawn

rack 'em up!

Ahhhh, a lovely sight to see all that paper in one spot. I feel VERY inspired. Can you believe after four whole racks of paper I still need more? (racks, not paper) Oh, who am I kidding? I'll always need more PAPER!!! Some of my first paper shipments are coming in and ohh, they are fantastic. I can't wait to make some goodies out of it. I am also beginning to work on some holiday cards and I am very EXCITED with how they are turning out. I can't show you until after the holidays, but some are edgy!!! And lovely! A client recently described my holiday cards as "presents" all wrapped up. I do think of holiday cards as a way to reach out to friends and family and what better way than to GIVE them a beautiful holiday card with a family photo all wrapped upwith a beautiful ribbon-just like a present! I'm feeling a bit anxious that our dog must get a cyst removed tomorrow. Keep us in your thoughts.

xo shawn

finally organized!

Yes, it's true! I have finally organized my studio. I know I put it off for far too long. It is so much more fun to create than to clean but it is soooooo, sooooo nice to have a clean place in which to work. Oh, it took some patience. OK, ALOT of patience. But I have on order FOUR paper racks and cannot wait to see all my paper in one beautiful spot!!!! For now, I am happy to have a place for everything. Gearing up for the Trunk Show is a dream in my newly organized studio.


Some new cards I'm making for the Fall Trunk Show. The Glitter Fairy would be proud! The purple glitter on the "boo" just makes it pop. These are a "treat" for attendees at my show. They just need to sign up to be on my email list and you will get a coupon for the card. Print it and bring it!

New Stuff!!!!

Some new goodies-finally! It was a good day of cleaning out the studio (some) and working on new fun things (lots!) One of my favorite new papers on a handmade card with a new product: envelope seals. The perfect way to top off your correspondence! The other is a hot new paper for holiay cards!! Ahhh, I love fall.

boat update number 2

Well, another beautiful weekend in paradise. The girls were up for part of it. While everyone had a hectic schedule, we managed to visit two local wineries and had a great time catching up with one another. After a football jamboree, hubby and family headed to the lake to spend Labor Day. We had a great time enjoying the outdoors, the beach, fishing, etc. We decided to do a little tubing at the end of the day, right before we headed home. Hubby tried to get the boat started....no luck. Blower worked, the thing that lowered the boat prop worked....it can not be the battery.....hmmm, what can it be???? A nice neighbor noticed the struggle to get the boat operational and mentioned that he, too, had a "vintage" boat (aka "old")and that the solenoid had gone bad. GREAT!!!!!! Back home doing research on solenoid parts.....hope to get it back running next weekend.

On the business side of things: A HUGE thank-you to Peggy Garbus Photography for mentioning me in her newsletter. I have received several emails from it and greatly appreciate the exposure and all the new fun people I'm meeting! If you have not seen Peggy's website, be sure to check it out. She has an amazing eye that captures the essence of her subjects! . She's booking up, so be sure to call soon to secure your spot! Also, I am booking now for Holiday Cards. Spots fill quickly so please call when you are ready to discuss your holiday card.