busy week

It was a hectic week. Preparations for the Fall Trunk Show including product creation and prep, kids regular routine, coming down with a cold and my daughter getting FOUR teeth out. All I can say is "phew"! It was really great to see many people who hadn't made it to a show before. The "NEWBIES" had fun looking over the goodies. $5 scrap packs, new bookmarks, recipe boxes, "framed" paper.......so much fun to share-and fun to hear about summer escapades. It was also very special to me that my sister in law from Massachusettes came all the down for the show. She is a really THOUGHTFUL person and it meant a lot to me to have her support. Today was another big day in our household. My 11 year old daughter had to have FOUR teeth out this morning. I was so proud of how BRAVE she was. She has been so sweet. She did not want to have it done yesterday because she did not want to miss SCHOOL! Can you imagine? She is an AMAZING girl. I am so glad it is Sat. night. Tomorrow is a big mani/pedi day with KG! It has been AGES!!!!! So looking forward to some down time. Things are gearing up for holiday cards. Already have several "PLANNERS" and have their projects in the works. Enjoy the weekend.

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