rack 'em up!

Ahhhh, a lovely sight to see all that paper in one spot. I feel VERY inspired. Can you believe after four whole racks of paper I still need more? (racks, not paper) Oh, who am I kidding? I'll always need more PAPER!!! Some of my first paper shipments are coming in and ohh, they are fantastic. I can't wait to make some goodies out of it. I am also beginning to work on some holiday cards and I am very EXCITED with how they are turning out. I can't show you until after the holidays, but some are edgy!!! And lovely! A client recently described my holiday cards as "presents" all wrapped up. I do think of holiday cards as a way to reach out to friends and family and what better way than to GIVE them a beautiful holiday card with a family photo all wrapped upwith a beautiful ribbon-just like a present! I'm feeling a bit anxious that our dog must get a cyst removed tomorrow. Keep us in your thoughts.

xo shawn

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