beautiful rain drops

It has been so dry around here....the grass is dying, my plants are dying....but yesterday the rains came....and it was glorious to wake this morning to the dew dripping off the fennel in the herb garden. The fog was just beginning to lift as I snapped this shot of our home in the reflection of the drop.

abstract thoughts

Learning to see with your eyes wide is all around, if you can just take the time to look. The other morning I found myself out in our garden and I have walked by these flowers for two years.......on this morning, I took some time to look with eyes open.

The "L" family!

Love, love, LOVE this family. The girls are so helpful and really have blossomed since I photographed them at their home in the dead of the FREEZING winter for their holiday cards last year. Little "J" is too much fun-he loves tootsie pops I found out. And Miss "P"-she really warmed up this year. It just shows what time, a beautiful location, and a slow, relaxing morning can do for photos.

Wine Time!!!

We ordered our wine grapes!!!! Chardonnay this year and my white wine friends will be so happy-at least I HOPE they will. We have been testing our Cabs from Napa and Paso and they are coming along nicely. We ordered enough to do 30 gallons of Napa Cab this year!!! October is shaping up to be busy indeed. Wine grapes, Avon Walk in NYC-again (my poor tootsies), holiday photo sessions and cards.......................LOVE IT! the energy is so, well, ENERGETIC! I LOVE this time of year.


Is it really almost October? Did the first day of Autumn come and go??? Have I posted no pictures, shared no tidbits, laughed with you????? I know. I am a bad, bad BAD blogger. I don't know where the time has gone. I have taken pictures, I have done fun things, I have WANTED to share................but yet, I have not. I am sorry. I think I have struggled a little to find the voice again that wanted to playfully share the adventures of me while raising a family, chasing my dreams, and figuring life out. I don't want this blog to be something that you read and think how perfect my life is (it's not) or how much fun I have (some) or how wonderful my family is (they are). It is just me sharing. Sharing the trials and tribulations I experience as I go down the path of life I've chosen. And if I make you laugh a little.....or cry a little....or just FEEL a little.......then I have accomplished the goal I set for myself when I attempted to write this blog. So please, accept my sincerest apologies for avoiding you. I lost my way a little but I think I am back.