Is it really almost October? Did the first day of Autumn come and go??? Have I posted no pictures, shared no tidbits, laughed with you????? I know. I am a bad, bad BAD blogger. I don't know where the time has gone. I have taken pictures, I have done fun things, I have WANTED to share................but yet, I have not. I am sorry. I think I have struggled a little to find the voice again that wanted to playfully share the adventures of me while raising a family, chasing my dreams, and figuring life out. I don't want this blog to be something that you read and think how perfect my life is (it's not) or how much fun I have (some) or how wonderful my family is (they are). It is just me sharing. Sharing the trials and tribulations I experience as I go down the path of life I've chosen. And if I make you laugh a little.....or cry a little....or just FEEL a little.......then I have accomplished the goal I set for myself when I attempted to write this blog. So please, accept my sincerest apologies for avoiding you. I lost my way a little but I think I am back.

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