Is it here yet? I think so. The weekend was finally one of those beautiful, perfect weekends and we spent it at the lake. Was it relaxing? Not exactly. We thought the peeling ugly wall paper in the bathroom would be easy to take off. Overall, it was.......but then we went on to ugly bathroom wall paper number 2. Not so easy. Add to that priming,! But now we can enjoy the lake a little more with two more things off our list! Hubby also built a dock. We did get time to relax and the kids practiced jumping off the swimming dock-they are getting so good at this and can do it for hours! Made a new cocktail-even though I missed our annual Wilton fourth of July contest, I still made the cocktail entry and-I think I will use it next year!!!! Tasty. Summer ball is in full swing and while it takes a little away from lake time, it is always enjoyable to spend a beautiful summer evening watching my son do something he has such a passion for!

I am working on some new things for the fall. Some workshops and Snap Shot sessions. New paper lines are arriving soon and I am excited with what the designers are doing this year! I am also actively looking for retailers to carry my stationery line. Look around in Wilton. Sea Beans has some shawns things and hopefully Wilton Stationers and Open House. If you are at a store and want to see my things there, ask them to contact me!!

Most of all, enjoy this summer. Time goes so quickly. For me the summer brings with it a huge span of time that feels overwhelming. While it allows me to think up plans, I think up too much and I do not execute. So this summer, if you can do just five things, what are they? Write 'em down, call up the peeps, make it happen!