walk, walking and more walking

yes, it's true....I was somewhat of a slacker this summer. Too much time spent running from baseball to the lake.......too many fun times playing cards w/friends and kiddos......unfortunately I did not walk much. And the Avon Two-Day walk is coming soon........in five weeks to be exact..so I am walking and walking and walking to get my dawgs ready for 39 miles. Gulp. I know I can do it-but how will the feet handle it? Yikes!

Fundraising is going well, almost $1200 and need $1800 to qualify. It is such a worthwhile cause. Just today I was getting a "tune up" at the salon and was speaking to the aesthetician who found a lump in her breast, went to her doc who found two more and is now nervously in the waiting period to find out what will be next. She was so sweet.....we talked about the Avon Walk and, as I was checking out of the salon, she gave me a handful of money from the day's tips. It really moved me. I know what I am doing is small in comparison to what the brave women who have breast cancer do every day. At least I feel I am making a small contribution.

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