cheese, cheese, cheese

This may not look appetizing to you, but my son Regan only eats cheese. String cheese, cheddar cheese, quesadillas (with cheese), mac n cheese, cheese pizza (no sauce)......if it's cheesy, he will eat it. The only thing without cheese that he eats is chicken nuggets (in the shape of dinosaurs). So, as we were trying to broaden his little horizons, we came up with the ingenious idea to put cheese on top of a chicken patty (sold to Regan as a giant chicken nugget). Well, the idea took off and he LOVED it. We have tried this with pork tenderloin and he gobbles it up. The broccoli, however, dripping in cheese, was not a success. Still trying to come up with new ideas. Thanks to K for the secret "zucchini" chocolate chip muffins....always looking for ways to add veggies! I do think we are getting there! xo

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