Has this happened to you? The kids will say something so sweet and precious and you promise you will write this down, but forget? It happens to me ALL THE TIME! This time I thought I would share it with you as we are approaching the holidays and as a way of preserving the innocence of children. I know it's possible that the economy will make many decisions for the holidays challenging, but I thought you might enjoy this conversation with my youngest as I was tucking him in last night. It reminds me that the holidays are best enjoyed through the eyes of a child.

Me: "Regan, what do you want for Christmas?"

Regan: "Hmmm, I don't know..."

Me: "You should think about it and write it down for Santa."

Regan: "I know, when I do, he always brings me what I want."

Me: "Well then, we should really think about what you want."

Regan: "But I like your gifts better because you always surprise me."

Hmmm.....I thought for an almost 7 year old that this was pretty profound. Our kids don't need everything on their "list" to feel the magic of the season...we simply need to surprise them....I am going to try to remember this and make this season magical. I am going to find something special to surprise them with!

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