Taking a break from the flurry of activity to blog. TGIF! I am so excited for the weekend-it's shaping up to be THE PERFECT weekend. Last night played cards with the girls and I have not laughed that hard in a LOOOOONG time. It was hilarious trying to keep track of the last card played. My stomach ached this morning-must be have been that and all those brownies I ate. B, you must make me work hard on Wed!! Tonight get to catch up with our friends from Manhattan at a new restaurant in Greenwich. I also got a surprise call that my niece is visiting! Can't wait to see her and her boyfriend. What a treat. Saturday some time finally spent with our neighbors. Can't wait! As for work, my print shop is kicking out my goodies faster than fast-thank you, T, S & J at the shop!! They have been hustling-doing such a great job that my deadline next year might be extended to give you procrastinators more time to............procrastinate!! The next couple weeks will be crazy, but will try to take some time to post more photos. The O family asked to be shot-looking forward to it-BEAUTIFUL family, inside and out! xo

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