more photos

Yes, I've been out in the cold to take some photos. Brrrr! The first is of the barn in my backyard while it was snowing. Looks cold, doesn't it? The second of old fuel pumps in the village across the street. Love the patina. It sure isn't easy in this weather to meet my challenge, but I am working on it. Learning to LOVE my camera (though a few lenses wouldn't hurt) I am also making strides in my pastel class. I purchased some additional pastels and I LOVE them!!! The colors are so vibrant. Who said tools do not make the mechanic???? The kids think it's hilarious that I get to go to "school" and take art classes only. My littlest one wonders why I am taking math and english at my "school". There was an attempt to connect art and math, but the communication was lost somehow.

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