high temp to only reach 14*????

OK, so this is where I begin to complain about the weather-specifically the temperature and what it "feels" like. Friday I think the high is going to be 14* but it will "feel like" ZERO with the wind. I almost wrote "wine" instead of "wind"......must be me thinking about wine to ward of the frigid temps!!! How many more days until spring???? Anyway, this weekend we got ANOTHER four inches of snow with a crispy coating of ice. Yeah, I said ICE! When we asked the kids "Why don't you go out and build a snowman or have a snowballfight?" SOMETHING!!!!!! Anything!!!! (we were going a little stir crazy this weekend) They just looked at us and said "That isn't the GOOD kind of snow!" UGH!!!! They were right, it was awful, so we decided to paint instead. Good thing I stocked up on acrylic paints and canvases. If you've never done this with kids before.....BEWARE! It is highly addicting. We went through a total of 14 canvases (not including the one I did) and many tubes of acrylic paint. The good news I have instant art for the bare walls in my hall!! It is sensational, however, to see three kids get caught up in the moment, not wanting to stop even to eat. This morning my littlest one didn't even want to go to school. He just wanted to paint. Guess it's time to go get more canvases!! It was a good weekend, indeed. xo

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Jennifer Paganelli said...

I'm with you on the weather Shawn!!! I'm so over it! Love that you are enjoying pastels this is the year for
experimenting...I'm totally in the mood. Blessings. Jennifer