It's here!

The first day of school has finally come. It seems way too early for school to start. Although, after driving around town I have definitely noticed that some of the trees are turning! A few of my friends have taken their children to college. I can't imagine the feeling of dropping off your "little" one who is not so little anymore. As a little "hint" to write, consider a gift of pre-stamped notecards.......might make hearing from them a little easier!! I am looking forward to having more creative time in the studio. With our Annual Fall Trunk Show almost here, I need to get production in gear!!! Gone are those lazy days of summer! But hello to those beautiful fall mornings and evenings, fires in the fireplace, hot cocoa, oranges, blacks, greys, purples, spiders, witches.........Halloween will be here before we know it. I saw in the market just the other day "100 Halloween tips...." Do they know it is still August?????? I know, blink and it will be here and it always pays to prepare! xo

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