I tried

I did. I tried............I tried to write more and I didnt't. Is it that life is too busy??? Yea, an excuse. I know. I cannot tell you how amazing the trip to Monte Carlo and the South of France was. We met a friend of a friend and had some amazing chateneauf du pape wine. So lucky we were. and the location of our hotel..........amazing. What a trip. I hope to share some pictures with you. And now we are back to our humble home. And the wind up of a year.........I am excited. An amazing friend will be hanging locally with us for the summer. Cannot TELL you how fun this will be............. hoping to find an amazing rental for them and a fun way to celebrate being together. truly what friendship is all about. so lucky we are able to celebrate summer together. Truly blessed we are!

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Anonymous said...

Quality. This is great. This is eating at El Torito and going to a movie theater to watch Willow -- even though we know that theater's been closed for years -- on the same DAY! Don't stop the music!