busy busy busy

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a long time. I am finally crawling out from under the pile of work I have for which I am extremely thankful. I got three calls this week from moms in distress over what to do about "the picture" for the holiday card. While my own cards are undone-the cobbler's children wear no shoes-I did my best to shoot their families and provide for them what anyone deserves-a moment in time preserved. Thank you "L" family for welcoming me into your beautiful home and sharing your gorgeous children with me. Enjoy!

Miss "J"-her eyes are the windows to the world.

Miss "L" is so calm and serene.....being the oldest gives her a certain air of sophistication.

Mr "J" is ALL boy and mischief. See that little glimmer??? Don't blink-you'll miss him! He moves quickly.

And the family together-time goes so quickly and it is important to savor the moment especially during this holiday season.

xo, shawn

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