new project

I am working on a new project: The Modern Teen. Todays teens are not really kids anymore, but not quite adults either. They have personality and their own idea of what is artful. Unfortunately all too often they are "stuck" with a portrait based on locations that are more suitable for young children and families.

For the Modern Teen, I use locations and settings that create an urban, modern feel and include things that your teen feels is important. By including what your teen is passionate about I am able to tell a story in my photographs. Is it the guitar? Is it skate boarding? Swimming? Horsback riding? Using these things, I compose a photograph that really speaks about the subject: them!

To get my portfolio started, I have reserved a small number of photo sessions exclusively for teens age 14-17, within the Fairfield County, CT area. If you have a son or daughter and you are interested in a free photo session please email me. The session will last approximately 1 1/2 hours. For your time, you will receive a $25 gift card to be used for prints, gallery wrapped canvases or the latest for high school seniors: the senior announcement card-this new trend is sweeping high schools throughout the country. You can see a sample below:

To see see samples of my work please go to my website.

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