home remedies

I like simple, functional home remedies. Like putting powdered dishwasher detergent in your dirty pots and skillets to remove stuck on food....and like toothpaste to get rid of a pimple. I used the old toothpaste remedy last night, seeing an opportunity while hubby is traveling to really load up the toothpaste to get rid of a stubborn bump....most likely the result of a chocolate binge I had this weekend. This morning was filled with the usual activities, lunch-making, child -waking and organizing. One of the children missed the bus so I threw on my "gym attire" to take her to school. Rushing through the rest of the morning I quickly gathered up my "to do" list and headed out the door for some much needed groceries. I stopped in at our local Starbucks for a little caffeine lift and the server had a nice smile. He just kept looking at me. "I must have a glow" I thought. So, as I buckled my seat belt in the car, I checked myself out in the rear view mirror-to my horror.......that toothpaste remedy still firmly in place. UGH!!!! And it's only Tuesday. Note to self. DO look in the mirror no matter what before you head out for the day!

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