is it really almost over?

I can't believe we will be meeting the teachers this week for the new school year. Where did the summer go? It seems like yesterday the kids said goodbye to their teachers as they skipped to the bus one last time. Now, as I watch the kids gear up for fall sports, I long for the lazy days of summer that somehow did not seem to materialize this year!

Even though this summer seemed to fly by quicker than the rest, I am thankful for so many little gems that surfaced. One such gem was the retirement of the silver sparkler boat. Who knew you had to "winterize" the engine????? After finding out the engine was cracked, we decided the best route was to get a new boat. Chalk one up to experience. We certainly won't do that again. While a little painful in the pocket, the boat has sure been fun! The kids loved tubing with their buddies, jumping off the swim platform, and cruising at sunset. As ambivalent as I was about the boat, I enjoyed a not-so-elegant run at water skiing, feeling thankful that I did not break anything in the six times it took to actually rise out of the water. Note to self: Things sure don't lift out of the water like they used to!!!

I found another little gem in the conversations we had over cards and wine. Quiet evenings in the summer spent with friends and family discussing small, but not insignificant dreams, hopes and goals in life-this to me is the ultimate gem to uncover-deep conversations that do not mainifest in the day to day interactions, but when given time, can unfold like a beautiful rose when time seems so endless. I think this is what I will miss most about the summer ending.

For things at shawn, I am working to nurture my creative soul. I am touched by those of you asking for more-more new products, more creative ideas. I am very thankful to Laura Hussey for the beautiful piece she wrote about shawnsthings in this month's Wilton Magazine in "Designing Women". What a privilege it is to be included with such talented women. I look forward to the fall season with childish anticipation, as though I am waiting for Santa at Christmas time. I can't wait to see what presents I will open as my clients trust me to execute their visions. I look forward to the gift of the connections that will be made this year!


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