eggs and ice luminaries

I know I have been talking a lot about the weather, so this time I promise not to mention it. As you can see from the above picture, even though it was 50*we still have some snow left. I shot this as an assignment for my photo class. Love the beautiful colors of the fresh eggs from the local farm on Millstone Road in Wilton, CT. This weekend we had our annual wine party and it was a hoot! We challenge friends to come up with a certain varietal to submit to a blind tasting. I must say, our guests are beginning to get very wine savvy. This year was Spanish reds and I don't think there was one bad one! Tim from the Schoolhouse at Cannondale catered and the food was off the charts great! It was a lovely time and we enjoyed catching up with some good friends. I finally pulled off these ice luminaries that I had been dying to make. They were beautiful lighting the steps to the door. I will see if I can get a picture posted of them. Here's what you do: For each luminary you need a bucket like the kind you wash a car with, an empty 28oz tin can with paper label off, some rocks to weigh it down, and water. First, take a bucket, fill it part way (about a 1/3) with water. Place outside in freezing temps until solid (mine took two days). After first layer is frozen, add empty can on top, weight with rocks and pour water around weighted tin can. Place outside again in freezing temps. Should freeze solid in about two days. Once solid, pour hot water in the tin cans and let sit for 10 mins. Pull out the tin cans and pour hot water over outside of bucket to loosen luminaries. Place outside and add a small, 2 1/2 inch pillar candle and you are all set. Plan to do at least a week before. It's a way to enjoy that freezing weather!!!! xo

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